About Us


"Yodice Nutrition, Inc and the brand "Ironside" is dedicated to my beloved friend Nicholas Amadeus Weber. Let my company and it's products serve as a representation of myself and what I stand for. These values are a direct reflection of Nicks impact on my life. Nick, you have not only inspired me to be the best version of myself but to also live life to the utmost fullest. You carried yourself and treated others in a manner beyond admirable. I can’t thank you enough for the lessons and ideals you have instilled in me...

Rest in paradise. 

...You never truly know what tomorrow will bring. If you see someone struggling or facing hardships be there for them. Even if it is a small deed. It could seem so insignificant to you but to them it could truly mean the world. Help people in need and never turn your back. No one is ever truly alone in this world if people give a helping hand."
Pictured: Nick Weber after his huge reversal win with just 6 seconds
left in regulation in the 2013 NYS Quarter Finals
Thank you for inspiring me to never quit.
Click on the picture to watch this memorable moment
Thank you for being one of the first people to support and believe
in my first steps as an entrepreneur. - Get Yolked, Inc. (2013)